Sunday, February 27, 2011

Baseball Players Root For/Against

Exlcuding the Yanks (and Twins) , I wil be Rooting for this year:

5. Jason Werth - So what , he took the $$ and run. It's easy to say that you wouldn't do such - but he has just achieved generation - changing wealth for his family. Is signing with the Nats really that much worse that signing with the A's, Orioles, or Blue Jays? He went with a big market (albeit not baseball frenzied) with young talent.

4. Michael Young - he went from 2b to SS to 3b and played magnificently. Enough said.

3. Jason Bay - I hate the Mets. Maybe if the team understood that Bay was not the reason the team sucks (see management, coaching, and minor league philosophies) they could understand that Bay is a big time talent. I would welcome him on either of my teams....

2. Buster Posey - the right way to play baseball. What a gem. Anything less than multiple All-Star games will be a disappointment.

1. AJ Burnett - ok i lied, i REALLY want this guy to suceed. Loved his attitude he brought to the Yanks and his overall relatonship with the players. Last year started well but REALLY fell apart. I feel like when he fails, I fail. Maybe he is just not what I hoped to him to be - but is a 15-10 season really out of the question. Can't he be the #3 starter we need?

1a. Ok - if you discount AJ, the #1 guy I will be rooting for is Jason Heyward. Forget the talent, forget the promise - met the guy at spring training and was a very well spoken, respectful, and very appreciative player of the game. Only athlete I ever met that was a more down to earth and "cool" guy was Charles Woodson.

Now the fun stuff, 5 guys I will root against:

5. Cliff Lee - nothing personal, not coming to the Yanks hurt, and beating us hurt more - but ENOUGH of the Bob Gibson comparisons...really?

4. Miguel Cabrera - he has a worse body that me, has always been a prima donna, doesn't respect the game, and I just cannot stand him.

3. Jose Reyes - what a waste. Run out a ground ball, hustle out of the box on a double (for a triple) and hopefully get traded out of NY. Something is up with his legs, bad training, bad rehab, bad something.....

2. Hanley Ramirez - all the talent - but none of the heart. Got his coach (who was GREAT) fired because he thinks he runs the team. This is the MLB, not the NBA - and the owner of the Fish should have understood that. The star leads by example, instead HanRam did his best Lastings Milledge impersonation (a AA guy that doesn't run out a ball in his first 5 games and doesn't get sent down? Wow - that is on the mets - what message did they send?? If Lastings was even remotely a "player" he would be my #1root against guy UNTIL HE IS OUT OF MLB). If my leader and star player did that - I would fire the coach if he did NOT sit the player out and get on him....

1. Dustin Pedroia - Met him in Boston 2 years ago when they clincehd against the twins- a douche that introduced himself to girls as "you know who I am right? (Ellsbury, Buchholz, Varitek, and Papelbon were awesome guys). Then ad the stories about the "laser show" and crap, sounds like a guy I used to play ball with and is one of my best friends - i gues you love him if he is yours and hates him if he is not (like Rex Ryan). Well, he is not one of mine....I never wish for injuries, I just hope he hits .220 and goes on a kingman-esque binge of k's.


  1. When making lists like this, how many people would be more influenced by their Fantasy Leagues than just rooting for baseball players and MLB in general?

  2. and obviously, I'm with you on AJ. If there was a Yank I was rooting for more, it's Montero.

    To me he symbolizes the next wave. I want him on this roster and producing and the full time catcher by 2012.

    I'll think about league wide and give you some thoughts later.

  3. i try to do my best to separate fantasy and mlb in general, but if it came down to fantasy - my #1 guy is Matt Wieters (to root for), McCutchen (root for), Stratsburg (against), Howards (against)...

    Montero - the wave is getting younger. Guy 35+ should play like 35+ and will do so with vitamin "S". My fantasy team would be all guys from 23-31

  4. Absolutely, and that's exactly why the Yankees HAVE to hold onto Montero.

    ARod is what now? 35? With a hip that's going to get worse by the season. The Yankees need to develop some young pop.