Thursday, February 3, 2011

Now Retiring For The New York Yankees, #46 Andy Pettitte, #46.

I guess it's not shocking that a guy who has been telling everyone since the day that the season ended that they should not rely on him is retiring.

That said, it's pretty surprising that Andy Pettitte is retiring this offseason when a couple of more seasons at the same level he pitched at this past year would put him in serious Hall of Fame discussions, not to mention the sad state he will leave the Yankees starting rotation which desperately needed his dependable arm.

There is some sentiment, and maybe it's correct, that he just doesn't want to be a public figure when he's called to testify in his ol' pal Roger Clemens' Federal Trial.  He will obviously have to rehash their relationship and the fact that Andy himself admittedly used HGH.  It'd be understandable that this could be enough to drive a relatively private man home.

Either way it's the end of a really good career that bordered on great.  I will always remember Andy fondly - Opening Day '96 in the snow, outdueling John Smoltz during Game 5 of the World Series in Atlanta and on and on straight through winning game 6 of the 2009 ALCS and World Series.  Part of me will always wish he never left NY and I'm probably naive to wish that he felt that way too.  The 3 seasons he "lost" in Houston included a World Series appearance as well as an elbow injury that the Yankees staff seemingly predicted was about to come annually as well as 37 wins which if he earned as a Yank, it would rank his 240 wins as the all-time winning Yankee.  It certainly would put his career in a different frame of light.  Oh well.

Cheers Andy!  Thanks for the memories.  Here's hoping the Yankees stand pat and let some youngsters get a shot at spots in the rotation before they inevitably start selling the farm.

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