Thursday, February 24, 2011

Silent Amazon Laughing at Apple?

The news/rumors of how Apple is handling in-app purchases and how they're trying to force companies to offer all subscriptions through the App Store, subjecting them to Apple's 30% Vig, have been all over the place lately.

We've heard comments from quite a few developers/companies complaining about the new guidelines and lamenting how they will have to adapt. One opinion we have been waiting for but still haven't heard yet is the one from Amazon who seem to have a lot riding on this because their iOS apps are a highlight of the App Store and seemingly in the crosshairs of Apple.

Today's rumors have Amazon rolling out their web app soon which would allow users to access and read their books in a web browser, eliminating the need for the Kindle App altogether.

While everything could still blow over, it sure seems like Amazon is operating a step ahead and not really sweating it. Thankfully.

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