Saturday, March 12, 2011

DJ Didn't Deserve This

When DJ Kennedy came to St. John's in 2007 he was going to be part of the rebirth.  The program was still in the shambles that Mike Jarvis left in his aftermath and Kennedy was part of the group that was going to help St. John's gain relevance.

This season has been special for St. John's for the obvious reasons that they've become relevant again both on the court and in the recruiting circles.  But for the fans that have watched throughout all of the lowpoints, this season was special to watch these guys who suffered through 3 up and down (mostly down) seasons but continued to work hard, behave themselves and put themselves into the situation to receive the payoff for their continued dedication - an NCAA Tournament Invititation, which will surely come tomorrow evening on Selection Sunday.

While this day should have been the most fullfilling day for these guys, I'm guessing that it's going to be as bittersweet for them as it us for us.  DJ Kennedy tore his ACL on Thursday in a loss to Syracuse in the Big East Tournament Quarterfinals and will not play another game for the St. John's Red Storm.

I can't remember the last time I've felt so terribly for someone.  It seems like such a cruel fate for Kennedy to get hurt right before the Big Dance.  This wasn't how it was supposed to be.  Kennedy has been a pretty consistent guy and will leave St. John's pretty high on quite a few all-time lists but it's just not fair that he won't get to experience walking out onto that court on the biggest stage the sport has to offer.

St. John's will most likely get a 5-6 seed after their last couple of weeks, and I'm sure they'll fight valiantly and I still expect them to win a few games.

Do It For DJ has already been unleashed as a battle cry, and I'm sure he'll appreciate the sentiment.  Ultimately, he was part of the rebirth he signed on for, and hopefully a few years from now when St. John's restores itself as an annual powerhouse, he will be able to appreciate that fact. 

Despite this great season and all of the highlights, I'm inclined to believe that this will always be how we remember this team.  For DJ Kennedy and the unfortunate way his career ended.

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