Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Here It Is….Your Winning 2011 NCAA Bracket!

My own personal NCAA Final Four Highlight;

In 1999 I was sitting in 30something place in my 500 person office pool with only the final to go when I realized that my Big East bias could finally do some good for me.
Every single person ahead of me had Duke beating UConn and I was the only person in the top 50 with UConn winning the whole thing. 

Big East bias comes naturally for my family.  My father being a St. John’s fan and my uncle being one the better known referees in the conference’s history made Big East hoops a focal point throughout my childhood when I favored Pat Ewing, Reggie Williams and Hoya Paranoia throughout my adulthood when I eventually purchased St John’s season tickets with friends and suffered through the late 90’s into the  return to glory that Felipe Lopez and Zendon Hamilton was supposed to bring, straight through the true short return to the top brought by Ron Artest, Bootsy Thornton, Erick Barkley and Co. and back to the cellar when that lousy Mike Jarvis ran the program 6 feet under.

Anyway, back to 1999.  I honestly don’t know if I’ve ever rooted so hard for any team and in the end, UConn prevailed, I won the pool and was able to pretend that I learned something about Duke that fateful day that St. John’s took them to 2 OT’s that showed me that they wouldn’t beat UConn.  At least that’s how I played it.

There’s little better than winning a pool that large in your office earning bragging rights for a long time.  Unfortunately I haven’t had that feeling in um about 12 years now. 

Without further ado, my brackets for March Madness (Don’t hold the Big East bias against me!), let me know in the comments how I did.

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