Sunday, March 6, 2011

Hines, You Dancin' Fool.

Is this supposed to make me, as a fan of the Pittsburgh Steelers, feel better? Apparently, Hines Ward is still so distraught about losing the Super Bowl that he feels the only way to get over it is to keep busy this offseason by Dancing With The Stars.

I understand that this is one of the most watched shows in the nation, and it will expose Hines to a totally different audience than even the NFL could. Hines is creeping closer to the end of his career and obviously looking for ways to expand his brand.

Hines Ward has been a fan favorite of Steelers fans from the very beginning. A hard nosed underdog who has fended off every challenge placed in front of him, #86 has crafted a career that very well could end with him accepting a bust at the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

The big story of Media Week at the Super Bowl was the rumor that Ward would retire after the game and hopefully ride off into the sunset like buddy Jerome Bettis did after Super Bowl XL. Hines scoffed at the idea repeatedly and wasted no time in announcing that he'd return soon after the game, citing unfinished business and the desire to win that 3rd Championship.

Right from the start, Dancing With The Stars went after ex-ballplayers to expand their audience, quickly landing guys like Jerry Rice and Emmitt Smith to come aboard. While it seemed ridiculous to some at the time that these guys would want to do this, they were long retired.

A few seasons ago the show landed Jason Taylor, who while not in the prime of his career anymore, was still an active player. This definitely raised eyebrows and questions arose of how committed to offseason workouts can a player be.  Since then the show has seemingly secured a pro player each season.

Now we'll hear stories about how the training for the show is intense enough to get him in shape, and we'll also hear no doubt that with the CBA issues that the NFL is having and the impending lockout, that we shouldn't care what these guys do in their time off.

I can't accept it.  Does the toughest WR to ever play the game need this?

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