Tuesday, March 8, 2011

We Need A Tiki-Bar!

Is Tiki Barber for real coming out of retirement today?  Of course he is.  The guy's grand post-football plan which included being a political radio show host, NFL commentator, Today Show correspondent and most suspected a career in public office blew up in his face.

His radio show was a failure, NBC let him go from both his Football Night in America and Today Show duties and he topped it all off by leaving his pregnant wife of 11 years for his 23 year old long time mistress ruining the good guy image that was pretty much all he had left.

Tiki technically has 2 years left on his last contract and speculation early today was that he would go back to the Giants.  How comical would that be?  This guy pretty much burned every bridge in NY as he retired, calling out his ex-coach claiming he was the reason for his premature retirement as well as his ex-QB, claiming that he wasn't good enough to win.  Of course the Giants immediately won the Super Bowl the following season without him. 

Do we really need to hear about this guy?  Does he have anything left?  The guy is 36 years old, so it's doubtful.

Spare us Tiki - go find another way to pay your alimony and child support.

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