Friday, March 11, 2011

Thank God For Great Live Music!

x2_4f4e8f6In a time where there seem to be less and less great live bands out there, let’s all be thankful for Grace Potter & the Nocturnals.  Simply put, they rocked the hell out of Irving Plaza last night playing their second show in two nights.

From the moment they hit the stage, the energy that the band gave off swept through the club and had the decidedly mixed crowd (VH1 Divas exposure has seemed to added a bit of a new flavor) moving for 2 hours straight. 

The first time I saw GPN was at the Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom in 2008 opening for The Black Crowes.  I knew little of the band going in, but the positive buzz that I had read online had me looking forward to getting inside early.  Their 45 minute or so set blew the doors off the place leaving everyone wanting more.  It’s a testament to the entire band that here they were almost 3 years (and a lineup change) later playing a 2 hour headlining set and still I found myself walking out wishing for more. 

The highlight for me in 2008 was the set closing Nothing But The Water, so I was pretty excited when it surfaced last night and it was just as good as I remembered.

Video from the first show at Irving Plaza

New tunes, older tunes or cover songs, the band hit the right notes all night long right down to the drum breakdown during “Medicine” where all 5 band members grabbed drum sticks and played the kit together (something that may not sound as cool as it was, but trust me, it was really good and had the crowd going).

This band is clicking and I know their tour seems to be winding down, but they never seem to be off the road for long.  Do yourself a favor and check them out.  It’s great to know that there are still bands like this out there loving what they do and sharing it so openly with their audience.

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