Thursday, April 7, 2011

Streaming Music The Best Way


While Amazon has jumped the gun and rolled out their Cloud Drive service giving everyone with an Amazon account 5GB storage online for free to store their music files online and play directly through the Cloud Player, people are eagerly awaiting Google and more importantly Apple's move.

It's been assumed for quite awhile that it's only a matter of time that Apple offers their "Music in the Cloud",  iCloud or Mobile Me's Music or whatever they wind up calling the product.  People are seemingly waiting with baited breath.

My question:  Why?

It all seems nice in concept but assuming that most people who have digital music also have some sort of MP3 device that will vary in size and in some cases go up to 160GB, the idea of storing it in the cloud will for most people be about being able to carry ALL of their music with them at all times.

So what would it cost for someone like me who has upwards of 400GB of digital music?  To use a Cloud Drive it would cost me $500 a year.

At this point, it doesn't take a brain surgeon to see the alternative coming, so here it is.  The Subsonic Music Player is a donation based program written by Sindre Mehus which takes all of about 10 minutes to install on a Windows, Mac or Linux machine.

Subsonic allows you to stream all of your audio (and now some video), to create and share playlists and anything else that you'd imagine wanting to do with your music over the web.  All you need is to configure your router and you're good to go using a address given to you after you donate a few dollars.  User Accounts are a snap to set up and I've had everyone in my family streaming at once with no issues at all.

I've been using Subsonic now for a few years and couldn't imagine going without it.  Using the iSub App I can stream through my IPhone, IPad and my IPod Touch giving me access to my music pretty much everywhere.

I'm a loyal Amazon shopper.  I buy quite a bit of music from them and when I first read about the Cloud Player, I naturally transferred a few albums of music to Cloud Drive to check it out.  The interface is great and it really works as advertised.  However, I can't imagine being more loyal to any program than I am to Subsonic.

It is one of the most important programs, probably the most important program I run.

Check it out - you won't be sorry.  I'd love to hear everyone's experiences.

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