Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Internet Is Not All Bad!

I got a kick out of this exchange in the interview that Tim Needles of Short and Sweet NYC conducted with Sebastian Bach leading up to the release of his new album Kickin' and Screaming.

Once more artists are educated about the potential of music and the internet, we'll all be much better off!

Yeah, actually I read that your first single was free this week on Amazon.com, that kind of thing must be huge in terms of getting the music out there, right?
Yeah, everybody can go get it for free, I don’t know if it still is but that’s an awesome thing.  I don’t understand the internet that much, I kind of just let it go, I let other people tell me, I’m like “why the fuck’s my song free?” and they’re like it’s killer dude, it’s great, don’t worry about it and I’m like “okay, you guys know better than me.”
Does that stuff impact you at all financially?  I’ve always heard that musicians don’t make that much off the albums compared to touring, does giving away a song like that impact you or not really?
No, I think it’s a promotion kind of thing.  You do get paid for your royalties on plays on the internet so it’s kind of like a big radio station.  I didn’t know that but you get royalties when your songs are played on the internet which is kind of cool.  I got a check for that and I thought it was a fake check, I was like “what the fuck is this- internet plays?” and it was real and I was like “that’s killer!”  I didn’t know that, just like radio, you get paid for that, it’s amazing so the internet is not all bad.

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